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Personal Injury Lawsuit?

We can help. OMNI Healthcare is devoted to helping bridge the gap between your medical needs and your financial situation. We understand that often health insurance is either too expensive or won’t cover the costs. We promise to offer the financial support necessary to help you get you the treatment you need while awaiting settlement for active personal injury cases or denied workers compensation claims.

Thomas McMullen

“I was hurt at work and in the process of receiving a workman’s compensation settlement for permanent injuries! I have been unable to work since the injury. I could not believe how simple it all was and I had cash in my hand quickly. They sent it same day moneygram to be picked up at a Walmart. I just went to customer service desk and about 5 minutes later had a pocket full of hundred dollar bills! Thank you so much!”

Samuel Martinez

“Great service. I would recommend this company to anyone who got in a car accident and needs some help paying bills.”

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We work with medical providers across the country to provide medical care when you need it most. If you are currently facing an active personal injury case or denied workers compensation claim, we can help provide you with:

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Do you have an active personal injury lawsuit?


We can help you!

Our team of qualified medical financing experts can work with you to provide financial coverage for your medical treatment in your active personal injury cases.